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These insurance plans offer copays for common services and opportunities for $0 care.

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Discover how Clearwater’s health solution can help you save up to $8,000 annually, give you access to one of the largest PPO networks in the country, and reduce your out-of-pocket risk by 80 percent. 

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I spent twelve weeks in the ICU. The bills mounted up to about two million dollars. The length of time I was in the hospital I would have been bankrupt. And because of (Clearwater Benefits), I survived that. And my family survived that.

Terry Hooker
Clearwater Member
Clearwater Member

Clearwater has made it easier for me, and taken off the (financial) burden from my shoulders (by paying $12,000 less a year for a health plan). Under the old healthcare pricing, I used to say, ‘Wow, I’m taking care of one thing, and I’m hurting the other.

Clearwater Member
Clearwater Member

Clearwater took the time to listen and help us explore what would work best for us. Within two months, we had saved enough money through the plan we chose to cover the premium for one month. I highly recommend Clearwater for an honest look at your healthcare.

Clearwater Member
Clearwater Member

Better care. Better cost.


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